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Exercise Therapy Equipment
Exercise Therapy Equipments offered by us are taken in use for rehabilitation practitioners as these render several therapeutic advantages. These insure relaxation of muscle spasms as well as enhanced local blood circulation.
Moist Feta Therapy / Hydro-collator
The optimum quality Physiotherapy Equipments we deal in can decrease the pain of muscles, increase their strength, make coordination and amend the mobility of joints.
Health & Fitness Equipment
Health & Fitness Equipments we offer are apt for calorie-burning physical activity. These can help to cut down the belly fat very promptly. These setups can be used with ease but surely demand the effort of physical labor.

Cerebral Palsy Chair
The best quality Cerebral Palsy Chairs we offer are highly efficient postural and are widely accepted as widespread practices for the all-purpose goals of positioning as well as seats.
Traction Tables
Traction Tables offered by us are useful for chiropractic care so as to influence the spine as well as re-establish the body to rectify the ranges of motion. These tables are appropriate for patients of all shapes as well as sizes.

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